Expand the possibilities of your kigamo

Scanback adapters

Support Pack

Scanback Holder

Portable Solutions Kit

These adapters are made to attach your kigamo scanbacks 6000 and 8000 to various middle format cameras and prevent the need to buy different backs for each camera system. Each adapter was made to give you the largest capture area available with the particular camera.

We have also integrated the adapters in the Software to give you maximum control and preview size so it does not feel like using an adapter.

Adapters are available for the following cameras:

- Fuji 680

- Mamiya RB67

- Mamiya RZ67

Obtainable resolution for specific models:
Scan Area
Scanback 6000
Scanback 8000
Fuji 680
6x8 cm
97 MB
172 MB
Mamiya RB 6x7
6x7 cm
85 MB
151 MB
Mamiya RZ 6x7
6x7 cm
85 MB
151 MB

* additional adapters available upon request.

On a dark and stormy night, at about midnight, you are in the middle of shooting a job that needs to be on the art directors desk in about 8 hours.

Suddenly your assistant throws the filter on the floor and as you watch the shattered pieces fly through the studio he cuts the the scsi cable with a knife..... he has gone absolutely crazy!

But you are prepared for all of this and coolly pull out your support pack and replace filter and scsi cable and strap your assistant in a straight jacket that you had in the closet for such emergencies.

ok, admitted, this is a little overexagerated, but the truth of the matter is that most photographers have extra sync cables, light bulbs, etc - but they usually forget about having extra cables and filters when it comes to digital photography and this is why we created the support pack.
It comes with all of those stupid things that break when you need them most: scsi cable, IR filter, power supply, CCD cleaning fluid and tissues. (the straight jacket is not included)

The kigamo scanback Holder gives you a safe and secure place to put your scanback when you focus or it is not in use. The holder can be mounted on tables or camera stands.

Designed to allow the use of kigamo scanbacks on location without a standard power source. The Portable Solutions kit includes a sealed lead acid battery, 110/220V battery charger, cigarette lighter power cable, heavy duty SCSI cable and a customized case to transport your scanback and the entire Portable Solutions kit.