Production oriented
user selectable prescan size

  • 12.5%
  • 6%
  • 3%

cropable prescan
prescan in RGB or B&W
cancel scan/prescan
on the fly Image Rotation
on the fly Unsharp Masking in 48-bit
on the fly conversion from the 48-bit data path to 24-bit rgb
Embedd ICC Profiles
Live Focusing
audio when scan is done
individual color correction
Automatic naming

Live Focusing per Sound, Visually or Numerically
Built-in Exposure control
Capture Conditions
Line Time 1/4 to 1/80 Second in 1/3 f-stops
Audio Signal when the scan is done
Creator selection
Saveable crop
cancel scan/prescan
print prescan direct from the software
Image Rotation on the fly
Unsharp Masking in 48-bit on the fly
Embedd ICC Profiles
scan progress bar in the prescan window
view image or auto open in image editing program

Easy Installation
No extensions (mac) or IniĀ“s (windows) makes for an easy installation
Multilingual: choose between

Keyboard Shortcuts
shortcuts make things a bit quicker.
Saveable Preferences:
all the settings remain as you set them, window positions, line time, resolution, etc.

Saveable Settings

Zoom: from 4% to 1600%.
Channels: view either RGB or each channel separately.
Grid: user setable Grid to help control the image setup.
Grid is moveable
Pixel Info:

  • x,y location
  • 24-bit RGB
  • 48-bit RGB
  • f-stops.
  • cmy
  • cmyk

Spotmeter size from 1x1 pixel to 9x9 pixels.
Scan Time Indication
Scan Size in MB Indication

Output Size:

  • Inches
  • Centimeters
  • Pixels

User selectable dots per inch or dots per centimeter

File Formats
8-bit Grayscale Tiff
16-bit Grayscale HDR Tiff
24-bit Tiff
48-bit HDR Tiff

Windows Version
System Requirements:
Pentium Processor
Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP
or newer
SCSI Adapter (Adaptec 2906*)
or Adaptec Slim 1480 for the PCMCIA Slot of Notebooks
256 MB RAM (128MB*)
100 MB free on your HD (4GB*)
24-bit graphic card