If you are doing high end reproduction work and need large file... then the scanback 8000XP with 583 MB in 24-bit is answer.

The scanbacks are fully compatible with your existing 4x5 x equipment allowing you full control of perspective and the plane of focus and you can use of all your lenses without modifications.

The Scanback 8000XP is built for high production environments, expanding the possibilities in the digital world.

Our new patent-pending kigamo "noise-eater technology" gives you an unprecedented clean scan allowing for a much higher range of detail through the capture and delivery of true 12-bit data.

We've built a Graflock adapter into our scanbacks allowing for unprecedented alignment and precision with a digital insert.

Our user updateable Flashprom assures that your investment will be secure in the future as improvements are made.

In order to be able to withstand the hard use in a photography studio, we've built our scanbacks out of a solid block of aluminum.

The capability of scanning in Black & White reduces file sizes and post processing times.

The kigamo scanback Software is available for Macintosh and PC computers.

cropable prescans
being able to crop your prescan means saving time! Why spend time doing a prescan on an area that you don´t want anyway?

variable prescan sizes
We ramped up the speed of the new + models so you can shoot an amazingly fast prescan for high speed control of lighting, exposure or subject changes.


finished images on the spot!

using the kigamo PowerCurve and the other built in functions such as the image viewer you can produce images that are ready for the art director with the kigamo scanbacks without the need for an image manipulation software (as long as you do not need retouching functions).

  • on the fly Image Rotation
  • on the fly Unsharp Masking in 48-bit
  • on the fly conversion from the 48-bit to 24-bit rgb
  • individual color correction
  • view image in kigamo software
  • Embedd ICC Profiles
variable cable length to your computer!
forget about the normal scsi standards and rules. We designed the kigamo scanbacks to work on a standard scsi bus using cable lengths up to an amazing 10 meters (32 feet)!

more sensitivity at smaller resolutions!
some manufacturers boast that they have high sensitivity at all resolutions. The fact of the matter is that they are denying you additional sensitivity. We will match their sensitivity at all resolutions and even beat them at smaller resolutions!


The kigamo ExtendedResolution feature gives you additional resolution through a combination of additional data capture and a little bit of data extension.

The 8000XP models capture data by using a 8000 pixels wide CCD, and capturing the length of an image line by line.

With ExtendedResolution we capture 50% more lines than in the normal mode.

The width of the ccd cannot be changed of course so we stretch the real 16-bit pixel information to match the length of the image.

By doing the extending the data in16-bit we are working with the true data captured by the ccd and not with adjusted 8-bit pixel information as you would in an image manipulation software.

Expand you scanback with a middle format adapter and you are ready to take on the largest of all pack shot jobs by simply attaching your scanback to the camera and using the viewfinder to move from one shot to the next.

save in a variety of formats
No matter what you are shooting, you will always find the right format to save your images in. Be it B&W as either an 8- or 16-bit file or full color as 24-bit or 48-bit. Unlike other software on the Market, when you save the file in 48-bit it´ll come up in Photoshop with the right colors and brightness!